Dieckmann Str - 114 | 48161, Münster | Germany, Friday 09 December 2016

Why us?
Our expertise includes understanding the different nationalities, cultures, societies, market demand and growth. We aim to provide dedicated sales and marketing team to support & stimulate sales in the markets we deal in.
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Our Vision
We strive to become a market leader in providing the demanding parents with branded high-quality Western baby products.
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Our Mission
Our aim is to work with our clients, embracing their marketing and communication strategies that convey their key messages and values in a diverse and impactful manner.
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Our Partners: The high class Western brands that we represent
Nip – A high profile
quality oriented German
brand. With the aim of
improving and making
soothers better and safer
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Spiegelburg International
Spiegelburg brand creates
the unique emotions and
feelings which none does.
The brand which is made
with quality at its highest..
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Deryan-The Netherlands
based brand has designed
high quality, easily
portable, comfortable
& convenient designer..
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Hess Spielzeug
German brand which
has brought in an
unique dimension
to its vast range
of wooden toys.
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Our Partners
Here are our partners